We’re In It To Win It, For All Of Us


YOUR agenda is OUR agenda. Your success is our success. And today, with the challenges facing us, that’s more important than ever.

Our main emphasis has been and will always be in our core business; hair! We realize that there are more purchasing options today than ever before. Asian factories are no longer the cheap source of labor they were years ago. High tech, electronic and more sophisticated industries in Asia are paying higher wages than hair manufacturing. Because of this we have all been faced with the reality of increased costs, decline in consistent production and longer delivery times.

My team and I work with all our factories to improve production and quality.

Hair Visions International remains one of the largest providers of pre-made models and produces more custom designs than any other distributor.

We continue to import from the largest, most skilled hair factories in Asia and are pleased to announce that we are now working with an additional factory that has been manufacturing for over 30 years.

Product news: At our Summit in March, we introduced new men’s and women’s designs including the elegant full-cap Jewel, the beautifully designed top-of-head Zoe, as well as the popular UltraTini hair extension that integrates seamlessly for those women with thinning or very fine hair.


We are currently developing new women’s hand-tied synthetic wigs for the medical market which we plan to unveil early next year.

Marketing news: Our industry is at a tipping point, and you need to be where the expanding customer base is today. Hair Visions International has marketing programs and opportunities that reach out to the younger audience. Baby boomers are retiring, but the younger demographic is exploding. Click here to learn more about our “My Hair My Way” marketing campaign.

Our marketing campaigns are showing consumers that we are in sync with them. Indicators are pointing to industry growth due to the demands of younger consumers.

Millennials make up the largest population demographic, 88 million strong and forecast to spend over 200 trillion dollars worldwide in 2018. They want education, new therapies, preventative maintenance and help with thinning hair-best of all, they’re willing to pay for it.

Our priority is to assist you in growing your business by helping to keep you aligned with today’s consumer imperatives. Our Head First hair loss prevention and scalp therapy program and the new My Hair My Way awareness campaign are making a big difference with our customers’ messaging impact.

We are a team! Together we’re going to wrap our arms around this exciting future.