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Involve Me!

If your marketing efforts aren’t as successful as they used to be – listen up! The market is changing. Technology is changing. Attitudes are changing. Habits are changing. Even the generational response to marketing is changing.

Are you changing?

Okay, your business growth is suffering because of attrition. You’re not alone. Baby boomers are turning 65 at 10,000 per day and retiring at the rate of 10,000 per week. And there are cheaper options offered online. And it’s hard to keep pace with technology and social media so you can attract younger customers.

Social media is different because it’s more personal

So – what’s the big idea? The big idea is to communicate clearly how you can benefit customers. You’re not just in the product business. You are not even in the product-and-service business. You are in the business of making people’s lives better.

People depend on making a good impression with their appearance and you have the POWER to enhance that impression.

Social media is the freshest way to get that message out. It’s no longer a choice of whether you do social media, it’s a choice of how well you do social media!

A few helpful hints about that:

  • It’s not just about product quality. It’s about a compelling, fun and engaging story, that helps customers see themselves in it.
  • Your brand is not the hero – it’s the ally that allows the consumer to reach their goals, to become the person they are meant to be and couldn’t be without your product.
  • We no longer have to settle for measuring public opinion: now we can mold it.
  • Give people a reason to share your message instead of just reading it.
  • You want to assure people that you can make an emotional impact on their lives. Today a brand with a price can be simply undercut. A brand with a performance advantage can be outflanked instantly by technological development. But a brand with an emotional difference can potentially command a premium forever.

Social media is not just another kind of communication, like TV, radio and print. It’s different, because it’s more personal – and because it works in both directions, making a message more of a conversation. Benjamin Franklin predicted the social media craze eons ago with his quote “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will understand.”

My Hair My Way

The My Hair My Way marketing campaign is perfectly designed for social media. It’s about emotion and desire: getting what you want. It’s about lifestyle: personalizing a solution for you. It’s about impact: getting the reactions that will improve everything from your social life to your work life. And it’s about reaching out to new prospects: ANYONE who wants to improve their appearance. This is your opening to the millions of consumers waiting to hear that we can help them! My Hair My Way is a giant leap forward in marketing for our industry.

The campaign highlights these messages:

  • Choice: You can have it the way you want it.
  • Success: Great hair influences your whole life–social, business, any personal interaction.
  • Condition: Keep the hair you have, stop loss in the early stages, recover a full head of hair, repair aging hair.
  • Health: Hair and scalp health is part of a total lifestyle program, and new technologies address that.
  • Final Goal: Your success depends on being part of this nationwide network of studios who are reaching for the future.